Flanders Hydraulics p.a. is an intermediary between ports and waterborne transport related divisions of the ministry of Mobility and Public Works of the Government of Flanders on the one hand and Belgian and Foreign governmental services and private companies on the other hand in order to make know-how and experience in the public sector available for third parties.


Flanders, the Northern part of the Kingdom of Belgium, with a population of about six million people is one of the most developed regions in Europe. It has a dense waterway network (artificial as well as natural) and counts four important seaports: namely Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent and Ostend.

Simultaneously with the development of the ports and the marine engineering and contracting sector in Flanders a considerable potential and capacity, in terms of know-how and expertise was built up in the different divisions of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works of the Government of Flanders.

It is clear that it will be counterproductive to reserve all that expertise for the own government only, all the more there is a great demand from other governmental bodies and private companies in Belgium or abroad.

To facilitate the contacts with third parties, Flanders Hydraulics was set up as a public agency with an independent legal entity.

Flanders Hydraulics p.a. can boost the long-standing experience of his partners and is independent of any industrial or financial groups.


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