Through Flanders Hydraulics, about 2000 civil servants can put their knowledge available and execute study-, expertise-, training-, and other activities for inland or foreign persons, companies or authorities, other than the government of Flanders.

Mostly they belong to following divisions of Ministry of Mobility and Public Works:

  • Laboratory of Hydraulics and Hydrological Research that is charged with research in the disciplines of hydraulics and hydrodynamics, hydrography and hydrology, sedimentology, ecology and nautical problems. It offers a unique combination of mathematical and physical process studies, nautical simulations, training facilities and field measurements ( )

  • Coastal Waterways Division charged with the protection of the coastal zone, the management of the yacht harbours and the support of ship traffic (hydrography, hydro-meteo).

  • Shipping Assistance Division charged with aids to navigation, support and co-ordination of the rescue and towing services on sea , management and maintenance of the Scheldt Radar Chain

  • Pilotage Services charged with the pilotage from and to the ports of Flanders and with the supplying of nautical expertise

  • Maritime Access Division charged with the maintenance of the access channels to the Flemish ports


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